August 2014 Newsletter

Featured Project: Master Bathroom Remodel

This month, our featured project is a recently completed master bathroom remodel. However, this was not our typical remodel project, as the homeowners had originally hired another contractor to complete the project. They were let go before the project was finished. Michael F. Simon Builders was chosen at that point to help the homeowners complete the remodel. This was especially challenging as the homeowners didn’t have a contract with the original contractor. Instead, the original contractor had the homeowner’s sign each subcontractors quote themselves. That in itself could be an entire article, but that isn’t the focus of this newsletter.

Before After
Bedroom Before Bedroom After

We started by signing a detailed, fixed-cost contract and went to work figuring out exactly what was ordered from where and what still needed to be selected and delivered. After all of the work was completed, the end results speak for themselves.

Before After
Master Bathroom Before Master Bathroom After

The first thing you notice as you walk into the master bedroom is the wood flooring, which pulls your eyes straight to the full wall of door panels. These three door panels can slide the entire width of the room, to separate the bedroom from the bathroom. Here are pictures of the panels open, partially closed and fully closed.

Sliding Doors Open Sliding Doors Partially Open Sliding Doors Closed

Special attention was given to the bottom track so it fit perfectly with the wood flooring. This allows for smooth, effortless operation.

Sliding Door Track
New stained cabinets replace the old painted cabinets and help give the room an up to date look with a luxury feel. Additional cabinet space was achieved by using a cabinet tower above the new granite countertop.

The homeowners commented that, “The quality and communication during the project was great. The entire team was a pleasure to deal with. Anytime a Simon Builders employee or sub-contractor was at our home, they were always very courteous and always treated our home with great respect. Phil went above and beyond to correct an error that was not the fault of Simon Builders or any of their sub-contractors.”

Before After
Bathroom Sink Area Before Bathroom Sink Area After

At Michael F. Simon Builders, we believe that finishing a remodeling project on time and on schedule are paramount to the success of that project. When asked if this project was finished on schedule, the homeowners replied, “Our project did not have a defined schedule up front because of the amount of variables involved. And many of the delays at the end of the project were related to situations with a sub-contractor that was not hired by Simon Builders, but by us.”

When we asked our homeowners if they thought this project was completed on budget, they had a hard time answering due to changing contractors’ part way through the project. They commented, “Yes, the project finished on budget, according to what Simon Builders stated in Remodeled Shower and Sink Areatheir price quote. However, because of the circumstances with the initial contractor that occurred prior to Simon Builders being brought onto the job, our total project cost was quite a bit more than we originally planned to spend on the remodel.” Unfortunately, this isn’t a big surprise to us, as this is a common occurrence in the remodeling industry, especially when there is not a detailed contract specifying the exact scope of work.

While the master bathroom was the main focus of the project, we also remodeled the hall bathroom. Changes consisted of a new shower module, tile flooring, tile wainscoting, cabinet and countertop, and a fresh coat of paint.

Before After
Hall Bathroom Before Hall Bathroom Before