Featured Project: Master Bathroom Repairs

I would like to share a recent master bathroom remodel project with you this month. This bathroom is in a 100+ year old home and had some damage that needed to be repaired, and an update was needed as well. The owner wanted to keep the style of the room the same with the black and white tile as well as the wallpapered panels.

To get started, we removed the existing walls around the two separate closets to make one larger walk-in closet. The bathtub, tile shower, vanity cabinet, and fixtures were all removed and disposed of.

Before After

That’s when we ran into our first unexpected item. As the existing vanity cabinet was removed, we found that the wall behind it had significant damage. The damaged area was removed, revealing the source of the damage. The existing cast iron plumbing pipe had eroded and was literally leaking onto the wall. We decided to replace that section of pipe, as well as the plumbing work over to the tub location.

Before After

While removing the existing shower, we ran into a similar problem. The base of the shower had been slowly leaking into the wall between the master bedroom and master bathroom. The damage was hidden behind a piece of furniture.

during (1)

After the sources of the problems were repaired, we got started installing the new finishes. The plaster was repaired in a number of places, along with multiple cracks. A new tile floor was installed along with a tile wainscoting on the wall where the new freestanding tub would be.




The wood trim work that framed the wallpapered areas was modified before the new wallpaper was installed. A new cabinet and countertop were installed, followed by new plumbing fixtures, bath accessories, mirror, and light fixtures.

Before After

Though the style and layout of the master bathroom didn’t undergo a drastic change, the functionality, as well as the usability, were greatly enhanced. The shower and vanity no longer leak, and the plaster damage and cracks are repaired. The room definitely looks and feels like it is brand new.  The finishing touches of the project were installed along with the shelving in the larger walk-in closet, and the room was given a fresh coat of paint.