“The Investment That Benefits All”

A Letter From One Of Our Carpenters – John Ploetz

Recently at Michael F. Simon Builders, we have been tackling a large building project. However, it’s not the type of building project that we are accustomed to talking about. We aren’t building a home here. We are building up our team making it better and stronger!

As you may recall, 2017 brought with it some changes for Michael F. Simon Builders. A merger with Nimbus Construction had brought a group of experienced carpenters and office staff over to the Michael F. Simon team. Over the last few months, the new team has engaged in a team building, culture shifting, and self-improving course. The aim of the course is to help improve and maintain a healthy work environment by improving teamwork skills, setting agreed upon behaviors, and teaching leadership skills. 

Personally, something that drew me to working for Simon Builders was how much they cared about the customers. I’ve seen them go above and beyond to make sure the customer is getting exactly what they want and have a phenomenal building experience.  They make sure the experience is organized and free of headaches.  A lot of the systems that are put in place here at Simon Builders are meant to accomplish just that. While participating in these sessions, I’ve seen the direct benefits and improvements being made for myself and fellow employees, but as we continue it’s becoming more and more clear that this investment isn’t only benefiting Michael F. Simon Builder’s, it’s going to set the foundation for improving these systems and providing an even better experience for the customer. Here’s how.

This program has given many of us renewed motivation. It’s reminding us why we build and who we are building for, but also that there is a lot more to the process than just building. It’s so easy to get lost in all the framing and different component and phases of construction and lose sight of the other people in the process. We are good at providing an excellent end product as carpentry is what we are skilled in. This course is reminding us just how important communication, responsibility, and accountability are when working efficiently as a team. We are learning new techniques that we’ll be able to incorporate into our everyday culture to better hone our teamwork skills.

By learning these new techniques, it gets our gears turning and promotes creativity. It makes us think how we can improve on what we are already doing. That in return betters our problem-solving skills. As an employee, I’ve been really appreciative to have that opportunity and it has renewed my motivation and helping to make me a stronger team player. By becoming an even stronger team, we can provide an extraordinary experience to our clients!

Do you have a building project in mind and would like to know what systems we have in place to give you a phenomenal experience? Give us a call and we can share! 608-849-5916