February 2016 Newsletter

Our featured project this month consists of remodeling several different areas of this home. Our clients had purchased this home knowing we had previously remodeled part of it for the previous owners. They wanted the remaining original areas of the home, brought up to the same level of quality and finishes as the updated parts. We focused on remodeling the upstairs bedrooms, upstairs bathroom, the existing lower level bathroom, and adding a new lakeside bathroom in the lower level. Let’s take a look at how we were able to help improve each area.

Upstairs bedrooms & bathroom

The upstairs consists of a loft area, two bedrooms and large shared bathroom used by the families’ two daughters. The entire area was a little dated with older looking rose colored cabinets, gold accents and a pink soaking tub. Click any of the pictures below to see them enlarged.

Before After
Upstairs bathroom (4) DSC_0044

 The built-in cabinets were removed along with the countertops, tile and carpeting. The entire room was given a makeover. The new bathroom layout remained the same, with new top of the line amenities added. The framed mirrors match the hickory cabinets, which support the beautiful quartz countertops.

Before After
Upstairs bathroom (1) DSC_0047

The previous bathroom layout included an oddly shaped makeup vanity. While the girls loved the idea, the shape and size didn’t quite fit the room. A new, simpler, yet larger makeup vanity was installed in its place.   

Before After
Upstairs bathroom (5) DSC_0051


The back corner of the bathroom had an area with a soaking tub and shower. However, the white tiles made it feel cold and stark. We updated to an earth tone colored tile to help make this area inviting, and give it a warm, cozy feeling. 

Before After
Upstairs bathroom (8) DSC_0057

While updating this area, the tub layout was changed slightly to make it easier to access, and wasting less space. We used a thicker, higher quality glass for the shower, which helped reduce the thickness of frame around the glass. This helped to give the shower a more open and inviting feeling.

Lower level bathroom

The existing lower level bathroom was quite dated, featuring a black bathtub and black tile with white grout flooring and wainscoting. Needless to say, this needed to go. The existing location for the shower, toilet and sink remained the same and they were replaced with new finishes.

Before After
Lower Level bathroom (1) DSC_0018

The homeowners didn’t want a tub in this location, so a full sized shower was installed instead.  The new shower features a convenient corner bench and recessed niche for soaps and shampoo bottles. A similar tile was chosen for the walls and floor along with a glass tile accent band in the shower. The entire bathroom looks cohesive and matches the high end feel the rest of the lower level has.

Before After
Photo Oct 19, 8 08 25 AM DSC_0021


Added lakeside bathroom

There was an existing overhead door in the lower level storage room that led out to the backyard. Our clients wanted to change this from a storage room into an additional bathroom for guests to use and enter from the backyard. The existing lower level bathroom that was refinished is located on the far end of the house. The new bathroom is in a much more convenient location.

Before After After
New Lakeside bathroom (8) DSC_0036 DSC_0034

We started by removing the overhead door and adding the required plumbing and electrical before working on closing up and insulating the new room. Before, this room was considered an exterior room so we made sure to over insulate and seal up the room. Then, we cut in the new door through the finished drywall in the lower level living room. The room was finished with high end materials to match the rest of the home and is a great addition.

We were able to help our homeowners bring the dated areas up to the level of quality and finishes that the rest of the home had. Adding the new lakeside bathroom in the lower level will not only help with their resale value someday, but will be easier to get to while enjoying the lake and backyard.

If you or someone you know is thinking about building or remodeling, we would love an opportunity to discuss ideas, feasibility or ballpark project costs.