Beautiful fireplaces have come back in vogue, finding them once again as a functional center of the home. Whether you are looking for a sleek modern design or a traditional stone hearth, you won’t regret making a big statement.  While many remodels focus on kitchens we here at Michael F. Simon know that a fireplace can be just as much of a statement as a flashy counter top and new appliances.

The living room is one of the most regularly used spaces in the home. It is where people congregate, entertain, unwind, and interact . Often, it is also where children play or study and adults work. With the many uses this room has, homeowners may wish to consider remodeling to improve both its appearance and function. Living room remodels vary in price, effected by size, materials selected, and the style of the space. Remodeling to improve design and functionality will add value for you and your family and future buyers as well!

Check out some of our past projects for inspiration!

Where to start?

We are seeing big fireplaces with bigger fireplace walls. Floor-to-ceiling hearths, statement stonework or single slab quartz will certainly draw your attention. An eye-catching fireplace not only adds depth and texture to a room, but also can help create a sense of space in the home.  

When thinking of a large scale remodel you want to be sure your new space is cohesive and will be a space you will enjoy for years to come. The Michael F. Simon team have seen a great variety in style and design – and we love them all! We are happy to help you find the right look for your home.

Here is a detailed account of a past basement remodel that featured a new family space and hearth!

Trick of the Month

Our motto is “Quality Defined”. We strive for quality in all that we do and continually try to find or develop tricks that deliver on this.

This month we are talking about how we apply solid wood edging to our plywood shelves. Plywood is a fantastic material that gives us the ability to create larger, deeper, and more stable shelves than solid wood can provide. One of the few drawbacks with plywood is the finished veneer is only applied to the top and bottom faces of the plywood. This leaves the individual layers visible on the edges and this doesn’t leave a pleasant look for a finished product.

The answer is to apply a banding to the edge. There are many “peel and stick” applications available, but they never truly look like solid wood when it’s complete. They also tend to peal over time and are not a high quality product. We choose to apply a solid wood banding for a better looking and longer lasting product.

Our trick to perfect glue lines is a plywood prep router bit. This specialty bit provides a nice crisp line on the plywood edge and leaves a small concave surface to allow for the proper amount of glue to be left behind to ensure a tight invisible glue line and a solid adhesion to the plywood.

The quality of these finished shelves is clear, and we know the time and skill that goes into crafting them has been appreciated by our clients in all of our homes!