January 2016 Newsletter

This month, we would like to share a recently finished remodeling project in which we remodeled a few different areas of a home. Our clients were looking to remodel and open up their existing kitchen, update their master shower area and increase their view out to the backyard by enlarging the patio door. Let’s take a look at how we were able to help improve each area.

Opening up the kitchen

The walls that separated the kitchen from the dining room and living room were removed. The drywall was patched and painted to make the entire three rooms appear as if they were always open and free-flowing. 

Before After
IMG_4446 DSC_0030


Before After
IMG_4443 DSC_0028

The old kitchen was a bit cramped and by adding an island where the wall previously was, we were able to make the entire kitchen look and feel larger without taking any space from the dining room. 

Before After
IMG_4441 DSC_0024

New tile flooring, cherry cabinets, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances were added to completely overhaul and update the kitchen.

Before After
IMG_4442 DSC_0026


The existing master bathroom had a small shower module that the owners wanted to enlarge. The problem was the venting for the water heater was enclosed in the wall behind the adjacent shelving. By replacing the existing water with a newer, more energy efficient model, we were able to vent out through the lower level instead of running a large pipe out through the roof. By doing this, the entire area could be enlarged and used for the new shower.

Before After
IMG_4437 DSC_0023

The new larger shower features a tiled floor, walls and ceiling. The new thick glass door fully seals off the shower area as the homeowners have plans to add a steam unit to this shower. The Caribbean Blue tile accents really make the shower “pop” against the Ice colored tile in the rest of the shower. These changes are certainly going to make the shower more usable as well as help the value and resale of the house.


Patio door

Our homeowners have a fantastic, wide open deck and backyard. Their problem was that they were not taking advantage of that great view. Their dining room previously had a six foot patio door leading out to the deck. We suggested replacing that patio door with a 12’ patio door to enhance the views and made the room feel even larger.

Before After
IMG_4447 DSC_0029

Overall, by updating and remodeling these three areas in the home, our clients have made a big impact on the look and feel of their home. They have also increased the value of their home and made it much more desirable to potential buyers if they decide to sell the home in the future. We are happy to have been able to help transform their home and look forward to helping you, or someone you know, who is looking for similar improvements.