July 2013 Newsletter

 Featured Project: Master Bathroom Refresh.

H11This particular client was referred to us by her friend who we have remodeled for multiple times. After meeting with our client, we worked out a few different projects in different areas of her home. After deciding which projects would take priority this year, we went to work remodeling the master bathroom, hallways and bedrooms, and even did some insulating and air sealing to make the home perform better. Let’s take a closer look at the different areas.




Master Bathroom Remodel

This is the most noticeable area that was updated. We took the bathroom down to the drywall and installed everything brand new.
A new floor was installed with trim to match the rest of the home. The old shower area was a tub module. This was removed to become a new tiled shower. This small space is packed full of amenities including two rain showerheads, tiled walls with accent bands, recessed shelves for soap and shampoo, a corner seat, and a top of the line glass door. The glass door even has a shower guard coating that will help to keep the glass spot free!

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A beautiful new vanity cabinet with upgraded soft-close undermount glides was installed with a spectacular new granite countertop to top it off.
A new linen cabinet and framed mirror, which match the cabinets, tie everything together. Even the toilet was replaced to give this space a truly luxurious feel.

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Hallway and BedroomsH10

In the hallways on the lower level and second floor, we replaced the carpeting and gave the walls a fresh coat of paint. This gives the space a warm and cozy feeling.


Energy Efficient

Our client not only wanted to update her home, but have it perform at its best. There were a few areas that always seemed to be cold in the winter. Trinity Environmental conducted a home performance evaluation and identified the areas that could be improved.
In the attic areas, we sealed the wall top plates, all light/smoke alarm junction boxes, chimneys, and interior soffit drops. Then we added blown fiberglass insulation to bump it from an R-30 to an R-60 level (the higher the R value, the more energy efficient). Finally we added weather stripping and latched the attic access covers to prevent heat loss.


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The front door area was also cold during the winter months. We found that the crawlspace under the stairs was the problem and used spray foam to seal it up before adding batt insulation and covering it all with a 1” Thermax board for a super tight finish.
In the unfinished lower level box sills we removed the batt insulation and sprayed the sills full of spray foam.


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The last area was the garage ceiling which was located directly under the kitchen. We found that the builder (not Simon Builders) had missed insulating the garage ceiling when it was built. This was easy to fix by installing a dense pack Blown-In-Bibs insulation system.
These air-sealing and insulation improvements are very important and even though they will not be seen, they will be felt all winter long and will help cut down on energy bills.