Changing a Deck to Three-Season Room

This month’s featured project is a little more than just a remodel project. Although small in size, the end product is a big gift between a loving couple who are celebrating 50 years of marriage with each other. When asking the husband why they thought of a deck for their celebration, he responded with sharing how to they have kept a healthy relationship for half a century. He said the key is to talk to each other. All the time. About everything. One of their favorite places to talk for hours on end is their deck, so they wanted to update it and make it a little more comfortable and make it a place where many more hours of loving conversation can be had.

Before After

As you can see, before this conversion began, they had a nice sized deck. When trying to decide what their porch would look like and how they would use it, they fell in love with the idea of a three-season porch. It would provide a little protection from the elements and make the space useable for a longer portion of the year. At first, they wondered if it would even be possible to use their current deck in the process or if it would all need to come down. After contacting Michael F. Simon Builders, we were able to answer a lot of the questions they had and worked out a solution to convert a section of the existing deck into a practical, yet beautiful space.

High on the homeowners wish list was maximizing and keeping an unobstructed view when inside the porch. With the original deck, you had a clear view where ever your eye took you. When including walls on a deck you will undoubtedly have a few obstructions, however, large windows will help to recreate that experience while bringing in large amounts of natural light. We were able to maximize the windows size while maintaining the structural integrity of the building

This did bring up the additional challenge to brace the structure from wind loads while essentially having a large hole in the wall. Extra care and effort were taken as an extra layer of wall sheathing was applied on the interior wall to help firm up the wall and corner posts.

Durnig After

The wood finishes inside the home was a huge draw to the homeowners when they purchased the house. With their porch, they wanted to have a separate space, but still have the same feeling as the rest of the house when entering their porch. They chose to go with a painted wood bead board to give the space the same texture as inside the home all while brightening up the space.

Before After

In the end, it’s hard to image the deck that was there before. It’s a big transformation. What’s left is a space that can offer a little protection from the elements and can be enjoyed for years to come. What a place to share in a conversation with the one you love!

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