June 2014 Newsletter

Featured Project: Screened Porch Remodel

This month we are featuring a screened porch remodel that we recently completed. This is a very practical project as it will allow the homeowners to enjoy their existing space without the bother of those pesky mosquitos. The added benefit is that there is already a roof over this space so we will not have any major structural work or the expense that typically comes along with a screened porch. We were asked to turn this space into a beautiful looking screened porch with one catch; it had to be cat proof.

That is correct, the homeowner’s only requirement is that they can let their cats into the porch and not have to worry about the screens ripping.


mcp1b mcp1a

We left the existing posts in place as they were in good shape. The decking was a different story. The stain had faded the decking boards were showing major wear and tear even though the porch was covered. The owner’s did not want the maintenance that is associated with a stained deck, so we replaced the boards with a composite decking, including the steps into the space.


mcp2b mcp2a

Then we went to work installing the screening. We chose to use a pet screen made by Phifer. This pet screen meets the needs of pet owners by resisting tears and punctures caused by dogs and cats. Made of strong vinyl-coated polyester, this pet screen is seven times stronger than traditional insect screening and offers excellent outward visibility. The only catch is that the weave is closer together, making it appear dark from the exterior. From the inside however, it looks great and is barely noticeable.


mcp3b mcp3a

After installing the custom made screen door and screening, this screened porch was ready for the cat test. The material is holding up well and doing its job containing the friendly felines. We are glad to have helped change this covered deck into a space that the owners, and their cats can now enjoy!


mcp4b mcp4a