Studio B

This month, we would like to share a stunning lower level transformation with you. We built and remodeled this home multiple times for the original owner.  When they sold the home, they highly recommended Simon Builders to the new owner to help to with the remodeling.


About half of the existing lower level was finished, and the new owner wanted to finish the remaining area of the lower level. They wanted this remodel to include a family room, studio and bathroom.

As you enter the new family room, your eye will instantly catch the beautiful fireplace and stone surround. Next to the fireplace are the built in entertainment center and bookshelves, which give the area a truly custom feel.

R3 R2

As you look closely at the details, and take a second look at the fireplace, you will see that it is actually a two-sided fireplace which looks into what is called “Studio B”. The glass door next to the fireplace has “Studio B” lettering embossed on it, like you would see in a real gallery. This is named for the owner, Bill. It is the studio space that he had long wanted. As you enter the studio, you are greeted with Bill’s art table and easel. The room is very spacious and opens up nicely due to the large corner windows. Crisp, clean lines and neutral colors help give the artwork on the walls the “pop” they deserve.

R5 R1

The studio and bathroom were designed so that a shower and walk-in closet could be added in the future, in the event that they wanted to change the space to a bedroom. This will also help down the road with the resale value if they decide to sell someday.

In the family room, there are a number of other new features you may have missed. The most convenient addition is a wet bar tucked nicely into the dining area with all the essentials, like an under counter refrigerator, microwave and sink. This is perfect for entertaining guests as it eliminates the need to go upstairs for that glass of water or bowl of popcorn.

R7 R6

There are also a number of smaller details that might be missed unless specifically pointed out. One such example is the electrical outlet built into the post in the center of the room. This allows the lamp, and other items to be plugged in and accessible without running an extension cord across the floor. Hidden behind the walls and in the ceiling is sound insulation, which helps reduce noises from the mechanical room and footsteps on the wood flooring upstairs.

Our new homeowners really thought this project through, including all of the little details that help make the new space feel so welcoming and comfortable. We are happy to have been a part of transforming this space from an unfinished lower level to a usable, practical, and beautiful part of the home.