Wisconsin Family Business of the Year Award

fbaLast week, Michael F. Simon Builders Inc. was awarded the prestigious “2014 Wisconsin Family Business of the Year Award” at a ceremony held at the Madison Marriott. At the awards ceremony, many past winners were in attendance. Winning this award and being held in the same light as those great companies is truly humbling. One past award winner explained the award as a “Lifetime Achievement Award”.
If this is a “Lifetime Achievement Award” then we actually share this award with many people. First and foremost we share this award with all of our great customers that we have worked with through the past 121 years. We have been blessed to have had so many fantastic clients come in our door. Our goal is they come in as prospects, leave as clients and along the way become friends that will strongly recommend our family to their friends and family in need of building or remodeling.
Secondly, we share this award with our current and past employees; for without them, this wouldn’t be possible. They are the men and women that make it all happen. It is their craftsmanship, knowledge and skillset that makes the building experience and the final product truly the best it can be for our clients. Together we work as a team, a family!
Lastly we share this award with our Simon family predecessors. If not for my Grandfather, Michael Simon, for having the entrepreneurial drive to start this endeavor back in 1893, we could not have received this award today. Not only did my Grandfather start our legacy, he made it thrive so much that his youngest son Michael F. Simon desired to work alongside his father and eventually take over the reins. My parents, Michael F. and Ferne, not only created a wonderful environment to raise a family, but they also grew the family business and continued the legacy that three sons would desire to join and strengthen the family business as well. When I came into the business full time, my Father Michael F. had just retired and I joined my two brothers, Michael P. and Peter. Each had their area of expertise and skillset but together the three of us grew the business. I am especially grateful to Michael P. for mentoring and preparing me to one day run the company on my own. Today I am blessed to have my son, Paul working alongside me. Paul is my drive and determination to make this company the very best it can be for all that are involved in it.
We are driven to make this the very best experience for our Clients (that they receive a first class building experience and a finished product that will serve them well and grow in value) and for our Team Members (that they can be proud of the product they produce and the company they work for while earning an income to support their family).


Family business awardWe wish to sincerely thank the Wisconsin Family Business Center for having this award ceremony, the sponsors that make it happen and of course the judge’s for selecting our family business. We are truly blessed that we work on a daily basis doing what we are passionate about with the people we love the most in this world, our family! Thank you!

Featured Project: Laundry and Storage Room Remodel

We have featured whole-house remodels, extravagant master suite transformations and major additions, but this month’s featured project is a little more practical and down to earth. That doesn’t make it any less important though. We treat our smaller projects just like our major ones. The same attention to detail is taken and the same quality is expected.

This month we would like to show you the transformation on an unfinished storage area and laundry room into rooms that are completed and well organized. Simon Builders originally built this home about 30 years ago and had been back to add onto the back of the home. This time, the owners had us focus on their unfinished lower level areas. The first step was removing everything from the two rooms. In the storage room, we framed a dropped ceiling to cover the plumbing pipes and wires in the ceiling and then drywalled the entire room. After the room was painted and the carpeting was installed, the shelves were set up. Now they have a finished and organized storage room.

Before                                                                                            After









In the laundry room, there was a little more work – rewiring an older electrical sub panel, securing some loose pipes, and heating ducts to frame around. After those items were relocated, secured and framed around, the entire room was drywalled and painted. The same carpeting that was installed in the storage room was installed here, and then the new cabinets and shelving was installed.

The result is a brighter, cleaner, and more organized space. The added finished square footage is sure to help with resale when the owners decide to sell the home eventually. We love being invited back into our past client’s homes to help them remodel as their family’s needs change. The repeat business is a testament to our hard work and to making sure each project runs smoothly. We know this will make our clients happy.

Voted Best Of Waunakee

We would like to thank you for voting Michael F. Simon Builders “the best contractor in Waunakee” for the third year in a row. We were also voted as “the best place to work in Waunakee”. It may appear that the list of contractors in Waunakee is small, but a google search reveals that there are over 25 building and remodeling contractors in our small village. Many of those are production builders building a much larger quantity of homes than Simon Builders. We truly are thankful for our loyal and supportive clientele.

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