Master Bath Makeover

This month’s featured project required some out of the box thinking. Our clients knew they wanted their master bath refreshed, but they were working with a relatively small space. They had one sink that they both shared and really wanted space for each of them to use at the same time, without adding any square footage to the bathroom. This would be hard to do given the existing windows in the room needed remain where they were. We all know you can’t hang a mirror on a window, but if you need your second vanity to be in front of that window, what is the least invasive option?

Newly Remodeled bathroom

Hang it from the ceiling of course! Our friends over at Laurie Driscoll Interiors, Inc came up with a great layout and design for the bathroom that would allow adding another vanity to make a separate “his and her” area and give the room an updated, modern feeling.

Before After
Existing soaking tub Added vanity

We removed the existing soaking tub that was rarely used and replaced it with a new vanity that featured a wraparound bench seat below the window. This allowed us to leave the exterior windows undisturbed and still have a fully functional bathroom vanity. We did remove the window between the shower and the old tub to make more room for the plumbing fixtures. The Glacier White Corian countertops installed seamlessly for a clean and beautiful finish.

Before After
Old shower area Remodeled shower area

While the existing vanity was updated, we kept the same layout and installed new cabinets which give the room that modern feel that our clients were looking for. We also changed the existing TV 90 degrees so it could be seen from the shower as our clients keep an eye on the morning news as they get ready each day.


Before After
Old cabinets Remodeled cabinets

You can probably imagine the uplifting and clean feeling that came when the existing carpet in the master bath was removed. We sure could! In its place, we installed a beautiful Calacatta tile over a heating system tied into a programmable thermostat. No more stepping out of a warm shower onto a cold floor. As you can see the floor and the shower walls are the same material to promote a seamless flow into the shower.


Before After
Old sink area Remodeled bathroom sink area

Do you need some outside the box thinking in your home? Give us call to set up a walkthrough and see how we can improve the look, feel and functionality of your home!