November 2013 Newsletter

What’s going on at Michael F. Simon Builders?

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Featured Project: Curb Appeal!

This month’s featured project focuses on curb appeal. Our client happened to drive by a remodeling project that we were working on. Because their home was very similar, they took an interest in the project. The remodel in progress involved adding an elaborate curved copper overhang at the front door. After seeing that home’s transformation, they called us to do a similar remodel on their home.
The first task was to remove the cracked and broken concrete walkway leading from the driveway to the front door. We then added a poured concrete path straight out from the front door to the street. Now guests parking on the street have a direct path to the front door.

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After the concrete work was finished, our remodeling crew went to work building a new covered entryway. The existing siding was removed and saved. New paneled columns were installed and the roof was finished. The saved siding was then reinstalled to help make the new overhang look like it has always been part of the home.
Now guests waiting at the door can stay out of the rain and snow. As always, Simon Builders goal is to increase curb appeal while making the addition/remodel look like it has always been a part of the original home. We think that goal was accomplished, and we have another happy client!

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