November 2014 Newsletter

FEATURED PROJECT: Lower Level Remodel

This month Michael F. Simon Builder’s featured project is a lower level DSC_0004remodel.  We had previously worked with the owners to remodel other areas of their home, but the lower level was still original, built 16 years ago.  It was greatly in need of a makeover. The existing layout separated the room into different areas that did not flow well or take advantage of the amount of space available.
The back corner of the lower level had a table tennis game that the owners no longer wanted.  Instead, they wanted this to be a kid friendly area so that when they had large groups of guests over to watch movies or sports events both adults and children would be happy.

l5b DSC_0030 l5a

Before, as you walked into the home through the sliding glass door, the first thing you saw was a large sectional couch in the center of the space (pictured to the right). The couch faced a TV in the corner. The existing fireplace was almost hidden in the room. Our goal was to make this space look separate from the rest of the lower level, to make it look larger, and to make the fireplace the focal point of the room.  We started out with a sketch from Laurie Driscoll Interiors showing how the owners wanted this area to look.

To define the new game area from the new theater area, we installed updated tile floor that mimics a wood floor. The owner’s new pool table finishes off this game room. We then wrapped the fireplace with stone, and added floating shelves to give it a modern touch. Lastly, cabinets and a bench were installed. This is now the view that you first see as you walk down the staircase into the lower level.  It truly is a welcoming and beautiful looking space. Click on the pool table picture below to see the before picture.

Fireplace Sketch

The other area that required extensive work was the bar. The owners wanted the bar area to be pushed back into what was previously part of the unfinished mechanical room. This allowed for more space between the bar and theater areas, creating two distinct, separate areas, that still flow together, but do not interfere with each other. The glass block and laminate bar top were a bit dated, so we removed the entire existing bar.  This allowed extra room for a large, flowing space in front of the beautiful new bar.

Click on the two bar pictures below to see the before pictures.

The cabinets were designed with enough space for games and pool cues, allowing them to be easily accessible, yet out of sight. With the proper planning and attention to detail, the space was transformed to be able to serve not only intimate family gatherings, but also became a “go to” destination for the big games. Our clients were very pleased with the results, and that makes us happy too.

Remodeled Fireplace
New Game Area Remodeled theater area
Remodeled back bar area Remodeled Bar