Featured Project: Updating the Exterior- Windows and EIFS

This month’s featured project is an exterior update. It involved replacing windows, and some of the exterior materials, with newer, maintenance-free materials. The existing driveway was also removed and replaced. We built this home in 1981. Eight years ago, we remodeled the first floor, and added an addition onto the back of the home. Those projects turned out great, so it was only natural for the homeowners to ask us to come back and help them with this project.

Front of the home, new windows

Replacing windows

Siding & Windows

ado-2The homeowners absolutely loved the style and colors on the exterior of their house. However, they did not enjoy the maintenance that came with it. They had been repainting and touching up the paint on the dark brown accents of the wood siding each year, especially where the direct sunlight had faded it, in order to maintain the true period of their home.


There were a couple of windows that had started to show their age. The owners asked us to replace them while the siding around them was removed. The homeowner also had us remove and replace the painted yellow exterior areas with the brown staccato board. After the new windows were installed, the surrounding area, including the trim boards, would be replaced with an EIFS (Exterior Insulating Foam System) product that would not require any maintenance.



The existing blacktop driveway had cracked and settled over the years and it was time it was replaced. The area where the driveway met the garage had formed a bump due to the settling, making it difficult to get a car into the garage. We removed the asphalt driveway, added additional fill material, and poured a new concrete driveway in its place. The fill was added to prevent a settling problem in the future. The new driveway was poured at the same height as the garage, making it a smooth transition for parking cars in the driveway or in the garage.

We were happy to have been able to help these homeowners build, remodel, and now update their home. It is important to be able to adapt and change a home as the family living there changes. If you are thinking about making a change to your home, we would be happy to talk to you about the options, and earn your trust and business for years to come.