October 2014 Newsletter

FEATURED PROJECT: Master Bathroom Refresh

This month, our featured project is a master bathroom refresh. We call it a “Refresh” rather than a remodel because we kept things in the same locations, and modernized the finishes to bring it up to date.

This project focused around changing the existing shower module and awkward storage closet into a larger tiled shower with glass door. The owners also had a moisture issue in the bathroom that could be seen by some discolored and bubbled drywall.

Click on any picture below to see the before picture.

An innovative new technology that we incorporated into this project is a motion sensor that controls an LED tape light that we placed in the toe kick of the vanity cabinets. This gives the illusion that the cabinets are floating in the room, and also adds a soft glow. The motion sensor turns the lights on as you walk into the room, making the use of the bathroom extra convenient at night. The built in timer will automatically turn the lights off after you leave the room.

The tile flooring in the bathroom was completely removed along with the tile around the tub. A tiled accent band ties the different areas together while giving the room another touch of class.


The existing cabinets and countertops were also removed and replaced with beautiful Cherry Espresso cabinets with soft-closing drawers, topped with new quartz countertops. We know that you can never have too many outlets around the sink area, so we had our craftsmen build outlets into the far side of the vanity cabinet to be out of sight, but still be in a convenient location for things like electric toothbrushes, hair dryers and other accessories.

One of the problems that the owners wanted to fix was the existing bathroom fan. The fan was not able to keep up with exhausting the damp air while showering. There were spots showing up on the ceiling drywall that had bubbled and discolored. To correct this, a new higher capacity bath fan was installed and vented outside. The old bath fan was connected to a switch that was either on or off, which is not ideal for the fan to remove all of the moisture after showering. A top of the line, electronic timer was installed to replace that switch allowing the homeowners to leave and have the bath fan run for any desired amount of time.


The existing toilet was removed and replaced with a comfort height, larger elongated toilet.

DSC_0030s DSC_0042s DSC_0046s

The most noticeable area is the new custom shower. The existing space had an awkward layout where the small shower module shared space with a linen closet. By eliminating the linen closet and adding an extra storage cabinet, we were able to better utilize the space and incorporate a luxurious new shower. This new shower features a tiled floor and walls with the same decorative accent as the rest of the room. A convenient corner bench was also included. To avoid the unsightly array of shampoo, conditioner, washes and soaps, a recessed shelf was installed on the back side of the half wall. This keeps them out of sight. The shower also features two body sprays, a rain head, and a handheld sprayer for a spa-like experience. A thick, frameless, heavy glass shower door was chosen to help connect the shower space with the rest of the bathroom, making them both look larger.

DSC_0028s DSC_0041s DSC_0047s

After all the new products were installed in the room, the walls and ceiling received a fresh coat of paint to finish off the space.

Aesthetically, this entire bathroom has been improved and updated. The patterns in the tiles guide your eyes into and around the room, where all of the small details can be seen. The repetition of the glass tile accent ties the tub and shower areas together with a small amount of accent color. What once was a plain, stark looking space is now a beautifully designed room with just the right amount of texture, color contrast, and luxury features.