October 2015 Newsletter

We have been an award winning bathroom remodeler for years, here at Michael F. Simon Builders.  While some of our more involved bathroom remodeling projects have been ultra-extravagant and have incorporated spa-quality amenities, the majority of bathroom projects are what we call a ReFresh. In a ReFresh, we keep the sink and toilet in the same locations as they were and update the materials to what is currently “in style”. This can be as small as removing wallpaper, updating flooring, changing from a tub to a shower, or all of the above.

This month’s featured project is a bathroom ReFresh that completely updated the look and feel of the master bathroom, and is a great “bang for your buck” project.

Before After
1b 1a

The existing bathroom had an oak cabinet with a plastic laminate top that was common 20 years ago. The tub/shower was a modular plastic system. A wallpaper border was used on the walls near the ceiling.

When we remodel a bathroom or a kitchen, one of our main priorities is minimizing the time we have the area torn apart. We realize these rooms are used daily, so we keep the toilet and sink in place until it absolutely necessary to remove them for the flooring work.

The new Maple cabinet utilizes a taller, 34” kitchen height that has become popular in bathroom. By adding these few extra inches, your sink and countertop are also heighted for an ergonomically enhanced experience. Another nice feature is the full-extension, soft-close drawer glides that were used, allowing you to easily get all the way to the back of the drawer.

Before After
2b 2a

The existing tub was removed to make way for a beautiful new tiled shower. The wallpaper was removed and the tiles on the wall in the shower now go all the way up to the ceiling. That, along with using a thick, sturdy glass door invites your eye into the shower, making the room feel much larger. A larger cabinet was installed over the toilet to allow for more storage space. (Can you ever have enough storage space in a bathroom?) A modern light fixture finishes off the sink area.

Before After
3b 3a


The new tiled shower includes a corner seat and multiple recessed areas for soap and shampoo which match the beautiful glass/stone mosaic tile accent band.

The existing bath fan was also removed and replaced with a new high powered, ultra-quiet, bath fan/light combDSC_0009o with new venting. This ensures the humid air is vented out. An outlet was added to the inside of the large cabinet drawer making it convenient for hair dryers or shavers to charge while being out of sight. The final touch was a fresh coat of paint in the entire room.


This bathroom ReFresh incorporates many amenities which updated the look and feel of the master bathroom. If you have a friend or family member planning to remodel, have them contact us. We would love to help them get started on ideas and budgets to transform their bathroom.