September 2013 Newsletter

Featured Project: Family Room, Bathroom & Front Porch Refresh.

Family Room

We were asked to return to a home we built 30 years ago to help the owners “Refresh” it. This project focused on three different areas of the home. The first area that we were asked to improve was the family room.
While there was nothing structurally wrong with this room, the owners wanted to update it so it looked brand new. During the demo stage, we removed the

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existing carpet, the wood paneling on the walls, the beams on the ceiling, and the fireplace mantel. The drywall needed repairing due to the wood paneling having been removed. When this was finished, everything received a fresh coat of paint.
new fireplace mantel was built and installed, as well as new baseboard and carpeting. A new ceiling fan was added in the center of the room. This room is now a fresh and a relaxing place for the owners to enjoy.


Second Floor Bathroom

The next area that the homeowners wanted to update was the second floor bathroom. Once again, this portion of the remodel did not require relocating anything or any new walls being moved. It was simply to “Refresh” the bathroom and make it look new again.

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The vinyl flooring, bathtub, vanity cabinet and countertop were removed. We installed a new subfloor and a beautiful tiled floor to match the new shower walls. The shower included a convenient recessed box with a shelf for the soap and shower products.

The existing bath fan wasn’t doing the job of removing the moisture created while showering, so a new top of the line exhaust fan and new venting were installed. A new toilet, vanity cabinet with a granite countertop, new faucet, mirror and light fixture were installed to finish off the area.

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The room was given a fresh coat of paint, and finally, new towel bars and towel rings were installed. This bathroom went from dated to one of the best looking areas of the home.

Exterior Front Porch.

The third area of the home that we were asked to remodel was the exterior front stoop and entryway. Two new maintenance-free railings were added to the front porch to help dress up the area. The existing post on the front corner was wrapped in a composite material that will never need to be painted.
We also changed the decorative light fixtures on the front of the garage to better light the exterior. The light fixture near the front door was changed to a recessed can light. All the switches that control the exterior lights now have dimmers.
The existing front door was removed and a new door was installed along with a storm door.

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Other Areas

While our remodeling crew was on site, we were asked to do some additional work as well. We tell our clients that while our crew is there, we can do any additional work they would like. Typically, we are given the homeowners “honey-do list” and can take care of the entire list in a few hours. Additional work for this home included replacing the door from the house to the garage, adding a wardrobe mirror in the hallway, and some minor work in the kitchen.