The DIY’er vs The Professional

Today it seems like more and more people are thinking of being their own General Contractor or trying the Do It Yourself (DIY) method for their projects. Here is an analogy to show you how drastic the difference between the DIY method and using a professional can be. In each scenario, the bike gets loaded on the truck, but the process and the end results aren’t quite the same. The same happens every day in the building and remodeling industry.

When you work with Michael F Simon Builders, we strive to make the process fun and enjoyable for you. It is our goal to make the end results second to none! Our professional processes will result in a much better home for you to enjoy. Let us show you how to flip your experience by building or remodeling, pun intended!

Small Change, Big Improvements

In remodeling, one of the many challenges faced is trying to match existing finishes. If you have a 100-year-old home to which you would like to add additional space, you will be faced with having to match many things to the existing. Think of the new trim, not only will you need to match the color and profiles, but even the wear. Something 100 years old, is not going to look brand new no matter how well maintained. To blend the old with the new, sometimes something new needs to be seasoned to make it appear as if it has always been there. Maybe you are adding a light fixture or a window. You will want to try to match the existing items or you might end up having to replace all the other units. In the end, when you add or change one thing, you typically want it to match all the rest. It is a challenge, and the older the home is the greater the challenge.

One solution to overcome these challenges to trying to find ways to make big improvements by making only small changes. As technology advances, upgrading is getting easier and easier in your home. It’s becoming possible to make major improvements without having to open walls. In one of our current Kitchen refreshes, the home owners are looking to update their Kitchen and Dining Room in a home built in 1924. They desired to make aesthetic changes by removing the upper portion of the shared wall between the two rooms, adding a new wood floor, and updating the tile backsplashes. Removing the upper portion of the wall will create openness that they desire, but they are also looking to make a very minor change that will greatly enhance the functionality and operation of the space. They are choosing to install Wi-Fi enabled smart switches.

You may have heard of these, but you wonder what exactly do they do? Since the time the house was originally built we all have turned our lights on and off as we enter and leave the room. What’s wrong with that? Well, nothing, but with many technological advances, there are many parts of our lives that have gotten easier, and smart switches are one such thing. Have you ever gone on vacation and wondered if you forgot to turn off the lights? Have you ever walked into a dark house with an arm full of groceries and fumbled for a light switch? Let’s face it, on a Friday night we’ve all settled onto the couch just drained from a long week of work and have been too tired to even get up and shut off or dim the lights. Wouldn’t it be nice to control all of that right from your smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world? Smart switches are the answer.

Smart switches enable you to control your lights from anywhere with an internet connection and phone. They give you the ability to create worry free schedules to shut off lights at sunrise or synchronize living space lights to turn on with sunset. Do you have dimmable lights? You can program preset light levels for different times of days so you can prevent light blindness and provide a much more comfortable environment. You can even sync up your smart switches with other home automated systems like smart thermostats to give you added options and features.

At the end of the day, changing out light switches in a home will have minimal effect to the overall appearance of a project, but it will provide a new and improved experience every time it is used. Technology is not only changing simple tasks that you have done all your life, such as flipping a switch, but it is making a big impact on the functionality and operation of your home. Smart switches are one of many solutions that makes a huge improvement without having to worry about how to tie it in to the rest of your project.

Are you looking for some ideas to make big changes in small ways on your next remodel projects? Give us a call and we can share some ideas that might work for you! 608-849-5916