February 2018 – Sponsorship of the Candlelight Hike in the Castle Creek Conservancy

We at Simon Builders have a long standing connection to the Castle Creek Conservancy.  While developing the Castle Creek area which is to the east and south of the current high school and middle school locations, there was a piece of land that was so beautiful that it was decided that instead of using the site for a few homes or to be developed into sporting fields like traditional parks that it should be left natural for th

e enjoyment of the entire community. In 1985, we donated this land for the Castle Creek Conservancy which has the Six Mile Creek meandering through it. It is one of many parks in the Village of Waunakee, but the first true conservancy. The park was created to be left in its natural state to provide a habitat for a variety of native plants and animals. This was unusual at the time and therefore it was deeded that it always be maintained as a conservancy. To enhance the enjoyment of the land, additional funding was provided by a super raffle that was sponsored by many Waunakee area clubs, such as the Lions, Jaycees, Optimists, Rotary, and the Legion.

With the introduction of this first conservancy, the Village Parks Committee formed the Conservancy Park Committee to develop and maintain this park as well as foster the additional parks that have been developed in the years since. Phil Simon was one of the original founding members of this newly formed committee. The original Master Plan for the Castle Creek Conservancy was proposed in February 1989 and the park is still being used as it was intended for educational and passive recreational uses such as hiking and wildlife observation.

It is with great pride that we at Michael F Simon Builders announce our February Celebration, the Candlelight Hike in Castle Creek Conservancy. After walking along the beautifully lit trail, participants are invited to warm up at a roaring fire including roasted marshmallows and a cup of hot chocolate.

Please join in the fun at 900 S Division St in Waunakee on Saturday Feb 10 from 6 – 8 pm.