January 2018 Donation of a Rapid Intervention Team PAK to the Waunakee Fire Department

Over the years Michael F Simon Builders has had a special connection to the Waunakee Fire Department by having several of its carpenters serve as volunteer firefighters, most notably Peter Simon who was a long time volunteer firefighter until his death in 2015. Additionally, Simon Builders has been instrumental in helping the Waunakee Fire Department with some specialized equipment over the years. In 1997 when thermal imaging was first introduced to the fire service, Simon Builders was part of a small group of businesses to get the Department a Cairns Iris Helmet.  The Cairns Iris Helmet was state of the art thermal imaging for fire service at that time.  When fundraising concluded, Waunakee Fire had two of the nine Cairns Iris helmets that were in service in the state of WI at the time.

Therefore as the first act of celebration for its 125th Anniversary in business, Michael F Simon Builders is proud to give back to the entire community of Waunakee by providing the funding to the Waunakee Fire District to purchase a Rapid Intervention Team PAK Assembly. The RIT PAK is a bag that includes a face piece, breathing air cylinder, and the hoses/regulator that a firefighter will need to continue breathing when in the retrieval of a fallen comrade.

Every firefighter is required to wear a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (called a SCBA or air pack), which allows a firefighter to breathe in a smoke-filled or hazardous environment. The RIT Pak can be connected to the firefighter’s SCBA and extend an injured firefighter’s air supply. The special features of the RIT Pak are a skid plate for ease of dragging a downed firefighter, external pressure gauge, audible alarm, and universal capable low-pressure hose. This is an essential piece of safety equipment that is to be used to protect or save a firefighter.