Live Edge Table for Waunakee Library

November – Library Donation

As we near the close of our yearlong celebration of our 125th year in business Michael F Simon Builders has committed to building and installing a beautiful live edge table to be used in the Community Meeting Room of the new Waunakee Library which is being constructed on Madison Street in the Village. We are thrilled to provide a custom-made legacy piece of furniture to enhance the beauty of the Library and carry on the tradition of the craftsmen who came before us.

The Simon family has been involved with the library in Waunakee since the beginning. The idea of a Library was conceived by the local Women’s Group in the early days of the Village. It was decided after having the books moved from host family to host family for a number of years that a more permanent arrangement needed to be made. The first ‘official’ library was a bookcase that was housed in the hat shop owned by Katherine Simon (Mrs. Mike Simon) which was located on Main Street near Fish Street in the village.

The new Library building is scheduled to open in June of 2019 and we plan to be ready with the new massive wood table when the building has its Grand Opening to the public. It is our desire to expand on the legacy of community sharing established by the Simon Family those many years ago and to carry on the goals of the Library by providing access to all members of the Community.