Why Choose Michael F. Simon Builders?

Why should you choose Michael F. Simon Builders? Because at Michael F Simon Builders, we build beautiful homes that are healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient, all of which save our homeowners money. Each home we build performs twice as well as other new homes being built and scores two and half times better than the Green Built Home requirement. This cuts our homeowners heating and cooling bills by 53%, on average, saving money every year.

We are your partner and guide through the entire building process, assisting you through the beginning steps of finish selections, and staying with you right up to the day you move in. We stand behind our work even after you move in, so you can focus on making memories with your family and not worry about your home. Building should be a fun and enjoyable process, so most importantly, our goal to is to help everyone have some fun.

Our Process

We are highly detail oriented, and our meticulous process from design, pre-construction and ongoing project management, provide value that contributes to the success of each of our projects. Because we build green custom homes, our process also includes a comprehensive checklist of the highest energy and building standards as set by as set by Green Built Home™ and Energy Star™.

Why Choose Michael F. Simon Builders

Focus On Energy- Green Certification