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Waunakee's Weekly Trivia

Simon Builders Trivia

Each week there will be a new question. Every correct answer will be entered into a drawing where each month, one person will win $125.00 WaunaBUCKS.

Thank you for your continued support, together we all make a difference to our local volunteers and non-profit organizations.

Question: The initials I.O.O.F. are on the cornerstone of the building at 105 E Main St. What do the initials stand for?


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Dan K our March Triva Winner


Question: The area between the train depot and Murphy Park was known by this name for many years? Ram’s Pasture

Question: In what year did telephone service come to Waunakee? 1904

Question: The first automobile was owned by the longtime Village doctor. What was his name? Dr. A.M. Blake

Question: In what year did Main Street get its first paved sidewalks and street? 1922

Question: Having sufficient water was an issue until it was voted to establish a waterworks and village sewer. What was the year? 1927

Question: When was the first train depot built in Waunakee? 1871

Question: What year was a volunteer fire department established in Waunakee? 1895

Question: In what year was Waunakee incorporated? 1893, the same year a young man named Michael Simon started building in the area.

Question: In 1880 what was the cost of construction for a 40 ft by 60 ft barn with a stone basement that could be used as a stable?  $800 which is approximately $18,000 in today’s dollar.

Question: The first building on Main Street was built in 1871 for Fred Buhlman. What business did he open?  Buhlman’s General Store, which later became Rosenberg’s Grocery Store. The building is still standing is a furniture store called Waunakee ETC.

Question:What does the name Waunakee mean?  Fair and pleasant valley