About Michael F. Simon Builders

Custom Home Builders Waunakee WI

In 1893, Michael Simon started this construction business with a few simple philosophies:

  • Employ experienced, dedicated craftsmen
  • Build each home like it was his own
  • Treat customers like family

With a hammer as his tool and a handshake as his word; Michael F. Simon built more than homes, he built a legacy.

As a result, over the last century, these philosophies have made the homes built by Michael F. Simon Builders the standard by which to judge quality custom homes. For us, quality has never been hard to define. It’s what separates us from the competition.

Nomis, About Michael F. Simon Builders Custom Home Builders Waunakee WI

This is Nomis the lion, named by Brett as part of a community “name the lion competition”. Nomis is Simon spelled backwards, and Simon Builders has you covered either way! 


The Mission of Michael F. Simon Builders, Inc.

Our mission is to build and remodel the finest homes and commercial buildings, distinguished by their timeless design, superior craftsmanship and the best materials.  We will act with integrity in a sincere and genuine manner, so the process is enjoyable and fun, and our clients are delighted with their experience.

The homes we build are Green Built certified. This means that an independent company tests the home to verify it meets the criteria to be called a Green Built Home. This is why our homes are more comfortable, healthier to live in, maintenance free,high-performing, environmentally friendly, durable and extremely energy efficient.

Remodeling Your Home

Are you looking to remodel or renovate your home? Then browse our bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and home remodeling pictures to help generate some ideas. 

Custom Home Builders Waunakee WI

Michael F. Simon Builders has been building and remodeling in the Waunakee area for over a century. Starting in 1893, Michael Simon began constructing farm buildings for a dollar a day. Since then, Michael F. Simon Builders has built and remodeled many homes in the Waunakee area.