Custom Homes

Michael F. Simon Builders understands that your new home should be as unique as you are, because a house is far more than wood and stone. It’s a home that becomes the backdrop for the memories of your life, where families live and grow. We believe a home should add comfort, security, and a retreat from everyday stresses, while expressing the personality of the family for which it is built. We customize every home to not only meet your needs and desires, but also by using the latest products to assure comfort and innovation.

Customizing a home is all about the details and whether big or small they can make a dramatic impact. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Custom Staircase

  • Top View of Staircase

  • Custom Balusters with Fossil in Background

  • 2006_SIMON124

  • Detail Trim Work

  • This is an example of a custom curved staircase. The owners chose this custom blend to achieve the exact ratio of dark and light pieces of stone. The next two pictures will expand on the custom details that make this so special.
  • You can see the high level of craftsmanship with all of the curved wood and niche in this picture.
  • If you look past the custom iron balusters, you will notice the masonry incorporates fossils found on the property. Talk about custom!
  • This great room features all cherry woodwork and a specially designed circle detail in the window that is mimicked throughout the home.
  • Every piece of trim in this room has meticulous detail work incorporated. Each and every detail was planned and expertly crafted to create a stunning impression that is sure to impress.