Lower Level Remodeling

Taking advantage of the space already enclosed within your house is an economical way to extend your living space. That space may exist for you in the lower level of your home. We can help you convert this area from  a room with utilities and storage, into a place where you can enjoy your favorite pastimes. This can be where your family gathers to enjoy a special movie, or where friends meet for the ultimate entertainment experience. Perhaps you have always wanted a quiet getaway for reading, or spacious area for exercise. Do you have out of town guests that would love to have stay with you, but no room for them? Let Michael F. Simon Builders work with you to bring your special places to life. These are just a few of our before and after lower level / basement remodeling pictures. To see other pictures of basements, visit our Interior Portfolio.

  • Finished Living Room 1

    Finished Living Room 1

  • Living Room 1 Before

    Living Room 1 Before

  • Finished Staircase

    Finished Staircase

  • Staircase Before

    Staircase Before

  • Bedroom Finished

    Bedroom Finished

  • Bedroom Before

    Bedroom Before

  • Finished Game Room

    Finished Game Room

  • Game Room Before

    Game Room Before

  • Finished Bar

    Finished Bar

  • Bar Before

    Bar Before

  • Finished Entertainment Area

    Finished Entertainment Area

  • Entertainment Area Before

    Entertainment Area Before

  • Finished Laundry Room

    Finished Laundry Room

  • Laundry Room Before

    Laundry Room Before

  • Bedroom 2 Finished

    Bedroom 2 Finished

  • Bedroom 2 Before

    Bedroom 2 Before

  • New Wet Bar

    New Wet Bar

  • Wet Bar Before

    Wet Bar Before

  • Finished Living Room 2

    Finished Living Room 2

  • Living Room 2 Before

    Living Room 2 Before

Here are a few of our past lower level / basement remodeling projects that we have featured in our newsletters:

basement remodeling basement remodeling basement remodeling
Lower Level Finish #1 Lower Level Finish #2 Lower Level Fireplace & Bar