Residential Remodeling

Michael F. Simon Builders has been remodeling existing homes for over a century. Some of the more popular remodels include kitchens, bathrooms, basements, fireplaces, garages, decks and screen porches. Remodeling projects can also provide an increase in value for your home. Kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom remodels usually provide the most value per dollar invested. We can help you get the most return for your money while providing the highest quality construction.

We can help you with anything from a simple refresh to a complete kitchen or bathroom renovation or major addition. These are just a few of our before and after remodels. To see other pictures of interiors, visit our Interior Portfolio.

  • Finished Whole-House Remodel (Front)

  • Whole-House Remodel Before (Front)

  • Finished Whole-House Remodel (Back)

  • Whole-House Remodel Before (Back)

  • Finished Room Over the Garage

  • Room Over the Garage Before

  • Finished Adding a Second Story

  • Before the Second Story Addition

  • Finished Exterior Refresh

  • Exterior Before the Refresh

  • Finished Interior Refresh

  • Interior Before the Refresh

  • Finished Condo Buildout- Kitchen

  • Before Condo Buildout- Kitchen

  • Finished Condo Buildout- Living Room

  • Before Condo Buildout- Living Room

  • Finished Condo Buildout- Fireplace

  • Before Condo Buildout- Fireplace

Here are a few of our past residential remodeling projects that we have featured in our newsletters:

Residential Remodeling Residential Remodeling Residential Remodeling
 Interior Remodel  Exterior Remodel Condo Buildout