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Award-Winning Residential Interior Element Project

Award-Winning staircase railing

Award Winning Project,
Residential Interior Element

This staircase remodel won first place in the local and in the regional Contractor of the Year (COTY) competition held by the National Association of The Remodeling Industry (NARI). 

This is just one part of the total project we completed in this home. We also remodeled the foyer, bathroom, and completed a second floor refresh in addition to the staircase.

Now, the first thing a visitor sees when entering the home, is the beautiful decorative glass staircase. This turned out absolutely stunning and has become the focal point of the home.

We teamed up with Linda at Studio Glassworks for the custom glass panels which feature a swirl design that flows through the entire staircase. We are very proud and happy with how this project has turned out. It is truly a testament to the wonderful customers and suppliers we have been fortunate to work with over this past year. Back when this home was built, the staircase was built to the local building code requirements. Since we were doing new work to the staircase, it was required to be brought up to today’s standards. The balusters were spaced too far apart, the handrail was not a continuous unit and the top rail on the 90 degree corner of the landing was at two different heights. To comply, the staircase was completely rebuilt to meet current codes as well as incorporate the glass panels as the new baluster section of the staircase.

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