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Custom Built Lake Home

Remodeled home rear angle

Custom built lake homes are something Madison has no shortage of! We are proud to present another beautiful project. Nothing beats the serenity and beauty of a Lake Mendota lakefront home. The views are out of this world, and there’s something peaceful about the sound and sight of water.

A lot of work went into this property! From planning and development to the demolition of the existing home and landscaping there was a lot to consider before even pouring the foundation! We had a great time with our clients making some big choices that set us up for success throughout this process!

Custom lake home under construction

In Progress

Custom Built Homes take time and preparation

While our carpenters were out on site (enjoying the views), we were hard at work customizing the home to fit the needs of our clients. They wanted this to be a place where they could host their family, and relax for many years to come so great views and many areas to relax in were key. The custom wine cellar, bar, sauna, and hot tub should put them off to a good start this winter! They chose this property for its easy lake access and capitol views, so we made sure the design and function of the space met their needs. The oak cut down from the property was re-purposed into many decorative furniture pieces that will be within their new home and outdoor living areas.

We were so pleased to work with such wonderful people on this project. Seeing the finished product was a real treat for all involved!

Considering a Custom Lake Home? We're here to help!

If you plan on building a lake home from the ground up, you’ve got a challenging road ahead of you. There are many selections and decisions that go into building a custom home. The team at Michael F. Simon Builders has the experience to guide you through and keep your project moving forward.

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